Craft ideas for the holidays





While browsing for some project ideas for the holidays, I came across a bunch that are incredibly relevant to our current stock at the warehouse, and they all happen to be from the Craft Blog.

1. Sure, you could find a real piano on Direct Donations, but you could also make one out of buttons. It may not play well, but it would look pretty cool.
2. Don’t know what to make with the smaller pieces of fabric here? Try to find a lamp and craft a fox lamp. If you don’t like foxes, you could always try another critter.
3. Though we get a lot of card stock, maybe you cannot find that one perfect card. Try altering a lame one to make it a bit cooler. Case in point: give a kitten some laser eyes.
4. While you’re browsing the card stock, check out the posters and magazines in the paper room. They can be used to make a gift bag, which could also double as a reuse tote.
5. And what to put in that gift bag? Though candy here is a rare treat (hah!), try turning it some pieces into a memory game. It looks delicious. And somewhat educational. Delicious educational games are the best kind of educational games.

And there you have it: great ideas for any recipient. Make the button piano for an installation, use an animal lamp as a prop, or make a paper tote bag in a classroom. Come to the warehouse and make something great, or use these ideas at home using your own materials. Just be sure to reuse!

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