Gallery Sneak Peek: Kick it at MFTA

"Soccer Player," 2011 by an MFTA workshop participant

The Education Center at MFTA encourages students, teachers, and the public to check out their trash cans and recycling bins for art supplies. Soccer Player, the found object sculpture featured above, was created by a workshop participant exploring the potential of these discarded materials during a group visit program at the warehouse. Using a bottle and coat hanger as the base, the artist fashioned a golden jersey with contact paper from the warehouse. The soccer player’s legs were cut from an outdated MLS calendar and magazine clippings stand in for the player’s hands. The face was made with found foam and completed with thumbtacks, a paperclip, and a leaf for hair. This playful sculpture is one of a handful of small works exhibited at M.F.T.A. Gallery for its exhibition Creative Reuse in New York City.

Opening Reception: We invite you to join the artists and representatives from their host organizations at M.F.T.A. Gallery for an opening reception and artists’ panel, from 6-9 pm on Thursday, December 1. Drinks and light snacks will be provided, and Local Project’s Carolina Peñafiel will DJ.

Creative Reuse in New York City is on view at M.F.T.A. Gallery, 33-00 Northern Boulevard, Long Island City, through February 29, 2012.

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