Molly Dilworth’s rooftop paintings

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Molly Dilworth, an artist sponsored by Fractured Atlas, sent over these rad photos of a rooftop painting she made using about 35 cans of paint from the warehouse. The piece, located here in Long Island City at 25-25 Borden Avenue, is part of a project named Lodge 441 after the first African American Mason Lodge in the US, which was instrumental to the Underground Railroad. About the piece: 

Lodge 441/Long Island City rooftop painting is one in a series of sites marking the history and legacy of the various African American burial sites in New York City in connection with the Underground Railroad and the history of African American Mason Lodges, Quaker safe houses and other partners in the revolutionary social changes of the movement against slavery.

The first painting in the series was made for the New Museum’s Festival of New Ideas (May 2011) in the courtyard of Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral School Courtyard. Another intervention will occur for the Art & Law Residency exhibition at The Sculpture Center in December 2011.

For more information and pictures from this project, please click here.

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