Last-minute Halloween ideas

Happy Halloween, everyone! If you’re like me, you’ve put off on making a costume until today and now you’re scrambling to make something. If you’re even more like me, maybe you grabbed an old sheriff badge you found in your closet and slapped it on a plaid shirt and called yourself a cowboy. That’s one (uncreative) form of reuse. Here are better ideas for more creative reuse costumes:

1. Make one of these incredibly cute masks from old cardboard and paper [via Babble via Craft]

2. Take an old hoodie, give it some eyes and teeth, and you can be your favorite animal or monster [via Blueberry Junkie]

3. Make a vest from fabric scraps, put on an old cowboy hat and then put that badge on. Now you’re Sheriff Kevin of the Dakota Territory.

And let’s go a step further and say you are having people over but haven’t thought about decorations. What do I you do? Here are a couple of ideas:

1. Put fake jewelry, trinkets, and coins around to create a pirate’s lair [via DIY Inspired]

2. Craft owls from fabric scraps and hang them around your apartment [via DesignSponge]

No matter which route you take toward your creative reuse costume and decor, remember to have a fun and safe Halloween. And please share your fun costume ideas in the comments below.

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One Response to Last-minute Halloween ideas

  1. These are great idea! Thanks for sharing! And Happy Halloween!

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