Our thoughts on “Arias with a Twist”

Arias with a Twist – the amazing production at Abrons Art Center closed this Sunday, October 16th  and I hope you did not miss it.  Basil Twist, the director and creator of this piece and world renowned puppeteer, has been coming to MFTA for many years through HERE and has brilliantly utilized our wondrous and wacky materials for his many productions.  In this astounding tour de force for Joey Arias, the sets and many of the puppets are home grown from the aisles of Materials for the Arts. If you haven’t yet heard, Basil will be performing at our Masked Marvelous on Tuesday night October 18th and we are so looking forward to it.

I couldn’t have said it better myself so here is what the Times had to say:

Designed and directed by the brilliant puppeteer Basil Twist (“Symphonie Fantastique”), and starring the cross-dressing chanteuse Joey Arias, “Arias With a Twist” isn’t just a pocket-size, gender-inverting version of the grandeur that was Ziegfeld. It summons a century’s worth of ghosts of hedonism past: pursuits of pleasure as they were practiced in pre-code Hollywood films, pre-AIDS sex clubs, pre-Stonewall drag shows, on the pages of pre-Playboy sex magazines and at pre-“Lion King” midnight showings of Walt Disney’s “Fantasia,” where half the audience was on acid. 

– Harriet Taub, Executive Director of MFTA

[Image via Basil Twist]

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