Masked Marvelous 2011: the deals update

Plastic bag trash cans by Tiffany Threadgould of TerraCycle and RePlayGround (Image: Tiffany Threadgould)

You don’t have tickets to the Masked Marvelous Cocktail Party? The party is this Tuesday, October 18, what are you waiting for?

In addition to the entertainment, food and vices, this year’s Masked Marvelous will feature an Artists’ Marketplace, where you can browse products made from reused materials. You’re sure to find something you like, which will not only keep items out of the landfill, but also help support Materials for the Arts and Friends of Materials for the Arts. Here’s a sampling of what’s being offered and who is offering it:

Tiffany Threadgould, the reuse master of TerraCycle and RePlayGround fame, will offer her fantastic ReMake It books, Wine Cork Trivet Kits, Stationery Kits, Magnet Kits and Plastic Bag Trash Cans (image above).

Ymari Marchan transforms carpet samples into fabulous bags, slippers, notebooks and more. Take this bag home and support MFTA and Friends of MFTA

Ymari Marchan, one of our dedicated volunteers who is studying couture at FIT, will offer her stunning bags and slippers made of carpet samples as well as hand-embroidered notebooks and aprons for children and adults. MFTA recipients have seen Ymari’s informative displays in the carpet section of the warehouse.

Jenny Kraft transforms t-shirts into these great bags, available at the Artists' Marketplace during this year's Masked Marvelous Cocktail Party (Image: Jenny Kraft)

Jenny Kraft, another talented MFTA volunteer responsible for many of our warehouse displays, will offer wonderful bags made by reusing t-shirts.

In the spirit of Materials for the Arts, I’ve taken T-shirts that were discarded (and ripped in half) and re-purposed them as tote bags. I’ve saved fabric from the scrap heap and, hopefully, will keep a few plastic bags from ending up in the trash too.

Joey Korein's cards are made entirely from reused materials (Image: Joey Korein)

Joey Korein will offer her handmade cards this year:

These artworks are made from repurposed prints and cut-outs from vintage textbooks, embellished with sewn detail. If you need a really special card, this is it. And if you can’t bear to send it away, pop it in a frame – that’s where it really should be!

Want to score one of these fantastic creative reuse artworks for yourself and help support MFTA and Friends of MFTA? You need tickets to Masked Marvelous, click here to get tickets today! Materials for the Arts members should call Julia at 718-729-2028 to get the member rate for the tickets.

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