Masked Marvelous 2011: the timely update

Time to buy tickets!

The party is in eleven days, so it’s crazy around here. We have set aside a lot of great props, and our friends from Build it Green have offered to lend us any furniture or equipment, which is extremely helpful. The reuse community is really amazing. The floor plan is finalized, the menu is finalized, and Matt Mitler from Dzieci Theatre has helped us nail down a lighting design. And aside from the Nurse Jackie set, we received a donation today of a dozen pink sofa chairs. The production schedule is finalized, and we have spoken with some great individuals who are volunteering their time to help us out. Anyone interested, we are going to need help next Friday, October 14; Monday, October 17; and Tuesday, October 18. Please let me know if you would like to help out.

It was a very busy week, but a very logistically productive one. Though as we near the event, I can only get more excited. I’m still trying to decide on a costume, any suggestions?

The party is this Tuesday, October 18. Come our and support Friends of Materials for the Arts! Get your tickets to Masked Marvelous 2011 today.

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