Creative Reuse: Vik Muniz, Haim Steinbach and Nick Cave at galleries in our area

Vik Muniz has taken his photographs of discarded items to another level with his Pictures of Magazines series (above), on view at Sikkema Jenkins in Chelsea, through October 15. Chelsea brims with creative reuse, after the jump.

On the left is a detail from

Muniz is no stranger to working with found objects: For his 2006 series, Pictures of Junk, he and his workshop arranged items found in a landfill outside Rio to mimic some of art history’s greatest hits. In a space the size of a basketball court, Muniz collaborated with art students from the favela to arrange the junk. He then photographed the space to produce amazing images like the one above. Each image took a month and a half to produce. Definitely check out Muniz’s website, which has detail views that give you a good idea of the scale of his work.

“Wheat Field with Cypresses, After Van Gogh” (Pictures of Magazines 2) (2011) by Vik Muniz. Digital C-print of cut torn magazine pages. On view at Sikkema Jenkins through October 15

As you can see by comparing the first image to the image above, Muniz’s treatment of magazines more than mimics Van Gogh’s thick impasto, which you can see for yourself at in gallery # 823 at the Met.

“Robot Poetry” (2011) by Haim Steinbach. Plastic laminated wood shelf; large black rubber dog chew; small black rubber dog chew; small green and white rubber dog chew; vinyl “Nemo Haremüngous” figure; plastic “Super Shogun Stormtrooper”; plastic bonsai. On view at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery through October 22

While you’re in Chelsea, stop by Haim Steinbach‘s show at Tanya Bonakdar. According to the gallery’s press release, this show, Steinbach’s first solo exhibition, “raises everyday objects to the level of art. [The artist] explores the common social ritual of collecting, arranging and presenting objects, in turn discovering the psychological and cultural context of the object.”

“Soundsuit” (2011) by Nick Cave. Dogwood twigs, wire, upholstery, and mannequin. On view at Mary Boone Gallery through October 22

At Mary Boone’s Chelsea location and at Jack Shainman in Chelsea you can check out Nick Cave’s Soundsuits, “hybrid sculptural forms based on the scale of the artist’s body.” The Boone show, called For Now features the Soundsuit above. Made from dogwood twigs, wire, upholstery and a mannequin, it is SO MFTA.

Vik Muniz at Sikkema Jenkins, 530 West 22nd Street, New York, through October 15

Haim Steinbach at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, 521 West 21st Street, New York, through October 22

Nick Cave at Mary Boone in Chelsea, 541 West 24 Street, New York, through October 22 and at Jack Shainman Gallery, 513 West 20th Street, through October 8

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