Photos from Dicapo Opera Theatre

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So many great submissions today! Angela Huff of Dicapo Opera Theatre sent over some pictures of an adaptation of Stephen Jeffrey’s The Libertine, a play about the 3rd Earl of Rochester in 17th Century England under Charles II. It is about his relationship with the King and his disillusionment of his reign. Rochester was an excellent poet and way ahead of his time. Unfortunately his disgust showed itself in his heavy abuse of alcohol which eventually was his downfall. He died at 33. This play shows his disintegration of his last two years and his rebellion against the King and his reign.

This adaptation was performed a few months ago by The Playhouse Creatures and all of the fabric from the costumes came right from the warehouse. Remember to check the tags on posts to see how certain items were previously used. I’m still amazed that our member organizations can do so much with the fabric here. It’s incredibly impressive.

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