Collagen lips, Jersey Shore bodies and Laura Bush?

Lip collagen? Scary right?

One of my favorite projects we do with student groups at MFTA is “arrow puppets.” Students look at examples of collage and then try their hand at creating one on a file folder that has been cut into quarters. They then trim around the folder and attach it to a suction cup arrow. I love these projects because the students inevitably find funny images to combine in the old magazines they use as material.

A first grader works on his collage puppet, combining a bulky body, a sunglasses model’s head and bluejeans made from file folders during a group visit program at MFTA

I’m not totally sure, but doesn’t this student’s puppet (below, right) have Laura Bush’s head on it? Maybe it’s a tribute to Mrs. Bush, whose foundation continues to provide much needed funds for school libraries to purchase books. This year ten schools in New York City received grants from her foundation.

Laura Bush?

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