Judging reuse art at Green:Inspired:Art

This past Friday, Fran Smyth of Arts & Business Council of New York hosted an event called Green:Inspired:Art which pit five teams comprised of four business professionals against each other. The five teams were: TekServe, Union Square Café, HSBC, Francis Cauffman Architects, and a group of entrepreneurs. These teams had to make sculptures from reusable goods that depicted either something in the environment that is in danger, such as whales, or something that solves an issue, like a solar panel. Each team was given a sealed bag filled with reusable items such as cans, glass and plastic bottles, tubing, and more. All of the items came from Materials for the Arts, and our very own Harriet Taub was a judge, along with Dorothy Globus, Curator of Exhibitions of Museum of Arts and Design. The winner of the contest was to have their artwork displayed at the Union Square Café.

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As it turned out, all five groups did so well that they all won in a separate category, including Elegance and Exuberance, and Environmental Action. All the work will be on display at the Union Square Café, located at 21 East 16th Street.

[All photos courtesy of Ted Roeder of Color & Light Photography]

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