Cowboys, suicides, and toads from Monk Parrots

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These pictures were sent over by Luke from Monk Parrots of productions using lighting and furniture from the warehouse. The first is from a show entitled Gay Rodeo By-Laws, a performance bordering on site-specific installation. Loosely inspired by the poetic-documentary style of James Agee’s book, Let Us Now Praise Famous MenGRBL examines “citizens” and follows a family of three rejects while spurring questions about Western heritage and social perception.

The second series comes from Here I Go, which premiered at fellow member organization Dixon Place. Memories and fantasies suspend and collide for a cowgirl in her 60s preparing to commit suicide in this production.

They also have an upcoming performance tomorrow at Dixon Place called TAODNAIISBT. Inspired by Sanford Meisner’s Word Repetition Game and brain scholar Gerald Edelman’s theory shared with friend Milton Glaser about the brain’s susceptibility to almost every encounter in life, THE ART OF DEPICTING NATURE AS IT IS SEEN BY TOADS is a progressive art event featuring two performers, amphibians, one referee, and a herp wrangler engaged in a two-act endurance test.  Part theatre, part performance art, all exploration, THE ART OF DEPICTING… challenges human behavior and perceptions of reality.

It all looks and sounds very MFTA (read: awesome). Tickets available here.

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