Upcoming events at Micro Museum

Micro Museum, an organization I profiled before, sent some information about upcoming events that are worth looking into. The first event is next Thursday, September 29 from 5PM – 10PM. It’s called Micro Museum XXV OMG! and celebrates 25 years of the Micro Museum. And if you say you like MFTA, you can get tickets at half price! I wish more places gave me discounts just for telling the truth. 

The event on Thursday, September 29 features music by “How We Meet Quintet” (5 female accordion players at 8 PM), Visual Phenomenon: Muffinhead, Videoart piece: Flood Basalt and the Guillotine by music: Agents del Futuro & video: Benton-C Bainbridge, SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION: highlights 15 20 broadcast program 1984 – 2004, Interactive. Media and Visual art by Kathleen and William Laziza who will say a few words in “This About That” and “Once in A Lifetime” before a Champagne Toast.  Plus live internet DJ with Space Camp Radio, gifts, silent auction etc. Plus the 2nd floor is available for video lounging.

The chairs, curtains, and cabinet all came from MFTA

Additional events include:

A live open mic on October 1

Optical Mysteries on October 29 through February 22

Love + Dovey = Forever on February 11

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