The MFTA CD City at Maker Faire New York 2011

The CD City takes shape at Maker Faire NYC 2011

This weekend MFTA asked visitors at Maker Faire New York to contribute to a participatory work called the CD City. We love turning obsolete materials into art and the CD City was no different: An item that has been largely replaced was transformed into an art project that almost anyone can recreate at home (in schools, or community centers too) for little or no cost.

Strolling through the CD City at Maker Faire NYC 2011

Building structures is not the only thing you can do with CD cases. MFTA has been creating weaving projects using the cases and the visitors to Maker Faire made some great examples.

Children show off their CD case weaving projects created at MFTA's Reuse Art Booth for Maker Faire NYC 2011

She came to Maker Faire from Montreal and loved the MFTA project

You can bring MFTA to your event to recreate this project or many others, click here for more information. Also check Matt Hickman’s blog on Mother Nature Network for a great set of pictures from Maker Faire.

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