Thank you to our donors, from the teachers of New York


Last week a teacher from PS 299 gave us this wonderful display made by the students at her school. With the materials from the warehouse, they created displays and artwork for their Multicultural Day. They used craft items for the displays and foamcore and boards to make works of art to show through the halls.

As if that isn’t sweet enough, as we were reading through the thank you letters today, we found this quote from a teacher at PS 124

On September 12, 2011, I had the opportunity to visit the Materials for the Arts program. As you can imagine, with all the current status of our economy and the budget cuts to education that are taking place, this opportunity is any teacher’s dream. While I was there, I acquired various craft items that were donated by your establishment. I would like to send my sincerest gratitude and thanks for your donation to this program, which in turn, has provided the students’ of our school a huge benefit. The materials you donated will be used resourcefully by the students in our school arts program and will help build brighter tomorrows.

And another teacher from PS 195 said:

On behalf of the students and staff of P.S. 195, we thank you for your generous donation of craft items. During this long season of budget cuts in the NYC schools, this is a helpful resource that I plan to use with my students during the 2011-2012 academic school year. Your donation to Materials for the Arts, [NYC] Department of Cultural Affairs truly helps educators supply creative materials for our students, and broadens their understanding of the three environmental R’s…reduce, reuse & recycle.

And from Bronx Academy of Promise Charter School:

Last year in art class, we used donations from MFTA to create sculptures, explore texture and generate collagraph prints, and create a range of textile art.  This year we plan to again construct sculptures, study printmaking and create collages, and we will also explore the art of bookmaking and weaving.

And from PS 372:

Donations from families are an enormous help. But the donations that come from materials for the arts are immeasurable. It is a resource that not only educates but also provides constant support for education in the arts.

And, finally, from Manhattan Alternate Learning Center at the Boys’ Club of New York:

I am a New York City public high school teacher and, as I’m sure you’ve heard, we have had major budget cuts this year. That means that on top of our schools having less money to outfit our rooms for us, teachers have not been allotted ‘Teachers’ Choice” money to buy the supplies we need for our classrooms. We’ve lost many of the little things the Department of Education might not think of as absolutely necessary, but certainly things that make our students (and ourselves) happier to have.

Thankfully, there’s Materials for the Arts and donors like you who give selflessly to ensure that my classroom looks the best it can and my students have a comfortable and useable environment in which to learn. We are able to use the items to learn with, to aid in my teaching, and to create an air of levity in what can sometimes be an angst ridden mopey teenage classroom. My school, my students, and myself are all very thankful for your donation.

Thank you for the kind pictures and words. We are truly humbled by them. As a reminder to our teachers, our first P credit class of the semester begins tomorrow. Please click here for more information on what to do with the items from the warehouse. And regardless, please speak with your principal so you may come in and enrich the lives of your students as your colleagues have done. It’s amazing what a little bit of reuse can accomplish.

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