Pallets for your house


Here’s some work with pallets that would make Bob Ross blush. All of these items take what we usually keep in warehouses and fix them up for the nicest of homes.

1. A pallet shelf [via Debbiedoo’s]
2. A pallet table [via Her New Leaf]
3. A pallet couch [via Craft via Ecoist]

As a bonus item, the cat in the picture with the couches reminds me of this awesome idea for upcycled kitty beds which can definitely be made with materials from MFTA [via AtomicAttic’s Etsy via Modern Octopus]:

Sorry to be so heavy on the cute pictures today but, seriously, look at him. He’s so happy in his little upcycled home.

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One Response to Pallets for your house

  1. Thanks for including my table, hopefully it can inspire someone!

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