Collages from our classrooms

This collage incorporates stickers, tape, sequins and found paper from the warehouse

These collages were created entirely from MFTA materials during a group visit program at the warehouse. When the participants from HASC toured the warehouse, each picked an object to trace for their collage. Some picked housewares, others craft items, and others picked hardware items. Check out more of their projects after the jump.

You can really see the objects this participant picked to trace--three different tape dispensers

Once we returned to the classrooms the participants traced their objects, colored them in with crayons, and cut them out. Then they decorated stickers which were used to attach their cuttings to foam core boards.

Painter's tape and torn magazines make up this collage--one of my favorites from the group

Many of the participants cut out hearts from their scraps

The pink heart (lower right) was traced from one of the ceremaic craft items in the warehouse

This participant was inspired to use her scraps (the green and white bars paper) by Matisse

Before starting these collages we looked at a few examples, including Matisse’s huge Memory of Oceania (1952-3), in the MoMA collection. The Education Center at MFTA can create custom group visit programs based on classroom topics, click here for more information.

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