Masked Marvelous 2011: The first update

A performer from House of Yes stands above it all.

As I mentioned yesterday, we have exciting news regarding the Masked Marvelous Cocktail Party. For those unaware, every year MFTA’s nonprofit arm Friends of Materials for the Arts (FOMA) throws a fundraising event to raise money for the Education Center, to support general operations, and to throw a party for our wonderful recipients, funders, and other supporters. This year’s event will be on Tuesday, October 18 from 6PM to 9PM. So what’s it going to be like? So far we these following guests returning: 

Agostino Arts to paint the faces of smiling guests.
Calpulli Mexican Dance Company to perform a Mexican dance with a strong Andean influence.
Dzieci Theatre to serenade lucky individuals.
Earl Grey to play a DJ set that will make your body move.
House of Yes to dazzle and enchant guests with stilts and other mayhem.
Josh Beckerman to perform wonderful sleight-of-hand.
Multicultural Music Group to play live music.

Keep in mind this is only the first update, and these are only the returning performers. We have plenty of new additions and surprises in store. Check back next week for more updates, and remember to RSVP on the event page.

Non-members can buy tickets here, and any of our members can call Julia at 718-729-2028 to buy tickets at the member price. Or you can buy them during your next appointment. We are also looking for volunteers for the event, so if you are interested in volunteering, please let us know.

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