MFTA in the community

There have been a few posts about events and programs from our member organizations, so now I’m going to highlight a few events that MFTA will be directly participating in. First up next weekend is the Maker Faire at New York Hall of Science. There are going to be a lot of weird, crazy, intelligent, and interesting booths at the fair. The MFTA booth will invite attendees to make art out of leftover CD cases to build the “Giant Jewel Case City.” It will be created like a house of cards over the course of the weekend using thousands of empty CD cases and clear tape.

Like this, but bigger.

As the Maker Faire is happening, some of our teaching artists will be working on Kite Flight with recipient Fashion Center BID. This event takes place Septemeber 18 from 1PM to 4PM on the roof of the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Here, MFTA will teach visitors how to make kites with plastic bags, cooking skewers, and scotch tape.

The weekend after, Fourth Arts Block will be  hosting their 10 Year Anniversary Festival September 24, 2011 from 1PM to 5PM. This event will have performances, gourmet food, a craft fair, and site-specific works. MFTA will invite visitors to build their own mixed medium sculptures using a cross section of the materials found in the warehouse including coat hangers, fake flowers, belt buckles, and more. Everything, including the pedestals, will be made using reused materials.

We’re keeping busy over here at the warehouse. If you want to know more about getting MFTA at your event, click here. And stay tuned in to the blog for updates on our own event, this year’s Masked Marvelous Cocktail Party fundraiser, as well. We will be announcing exciting news very soon.

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