Cool work from Micro Museum

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When I sign our recipients in for Shopping, there are a few people that I see often, and who have been coming to MFTA for a while. One such regular is Kathleen Laziza of Micro Museum. She first came to the warehouse in June 1993, and was here again just last Thursday. It’s nice seeing the same faces at Materials for the Arts, and it’s encouraging knowing that we can make that much of a difference for an organization that they continue coming for almost 20 years. Kathleen sent pictures of some of her work made with materials from the warehouse which are shown above. The Lumiano is a piano that lights up as it is played, and The Evil Laughing Clowns is an installation that lights up and laughs by zone. It looks awesomely creepy. Visual arts exhibits at Micro Museum are open every Saturday from 12pm to 7pm. For more information, please visit the museum’s Exhibitions page.

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