Can you teach the Common Core Standards and make art? Absolutely!

Breathe new life into your teaching with MFTA's Creative Infusion P credit class. Here, Marisa shows off her "Three Billy Goats Gruff" storytelling puppets.

TEACHERS: We’re excited for the upcoming school year and our warehouse is packed to the brim with all sorts of supplies you can take back to your schools–as always, everything is FREE to registered members.

Not only does Materials for the Arts offer free supplies, our Education Center offers P credit courses so teachers can learn great ways to use the free materials from MFTA. This fall our we’re offering Creative Infusion: The Art of Reuse. This is our introductory course; it’s a great way to get to know Materials for the Arts and to get you thinking about how to incorporate reuse, art-making and the Common Core Standards in your classroom. The puppets (above) were made during Creative Infusion and there are more project examples after the jump.

Flashcards made on buttons from the warehouse are more durable and make learning more like a game

Participants in the Creative Infusion P credit course get studio time during each session to create prototypes that can be used in their specific instructional setting. A teacher developed these chips and game boards to go with them to help her elementary school students think of math as more of a game.

This model of the bones in a foot was created by a teacher during Creative Infusion

The foot above is made entirely from materials in our “treasure box” aka with packaging that we’ve saved and scraps from past projects. Although you wouldn’t necessarily think it, setting out random materials and having students make projects in small groups is a key point of the Common Core Standards for ELA (.pdf):

An important focus of the speaking and listening standards is academic discussion in one‐on‐one, small‐group, and whole‐class settings. Formal presentations are one important way such talk occurs, but so is the more informal discussion that takes place as students collaborate to answer questions, build understanding, and solve problems.

Students can use FREE MFTA materials to make books that tell a story visually and verbally

After the reuse bookmaking module, this teacher developed a plan for students to construct books of images and create a story to be presented along with the book. Again, this lesson addresses a key point of the ELA standards:

The standards require that students gain, evaluate, and present increasingly complex information, ideas, and evidence through listening and speaking as well as through media.

I’m always so impressed by the projects that come out of these P credit courses–especially when I consider they are made from stuff everyone’s throwing away and free items from the warehouse.

Teachers, please spread the word–about getting free materials for NYC public schools from the MFTA warehouse and about getting great ideas and P credits during Creative Infusion.

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