Ancient Egypt comes to life in MFTA’s studio classrooms

"Rameses II as a child with the god Horus" c. 1279-1213 BCE. Egyptian Museum of Cairo (c) 2006, SCALA, Florence / ART RESOURCE, N.Y.

Students from the Southern Queens Parks Association Beacon Program (an MFTA recipient) summer camp visited Materials for the Arts this morning. After touring the warehouse and looking at examples of art that incorporates reuse, students headed to the studio.

The theme of SQPA’s summer camp was Egyptology, so we developed an art-making workshop about Horus, one of the most important Egyptian gods. Using a coat hanger and file folders as their bases, students then added sequins and other scraps to create their own Horus, which they got to take home with them! Check out examples of the students’ work after the jump.


This student's work incorporates gold contact paper

This student added gaffer's tape from the warehouse floor to create a Mondrian-like design for Horus'' wings

This student found a silver head in our scrap paper bin

Can you recognize the file folders in this student's Horus?

The Reuse Education Center at Materials for the Arts offers a range of educational programs. For more information on group visits to MFTA click here.

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