Featured Shoppers : El Puente Williamsburg Arts & Cultural Council for Youth

Last week’s featured shoppers are Theresa Doherty, Ana O’Keefe, Kasey Schweikert from El Puente.

Ana, Theresa, and Kasey with their materials -- ready for checkout!

El Puente is a community human rights institution that “promotes leadership for peace and justice through the engagement of members (youth and adult) in the arts, education, scientific research, wellness and environmental action.” These particular ladies are a part of El Puente’s Williamsburg Arts & Cultural Council, which integrates social action and visual arts.

On Thursday, Deputy Director, Theresa, and Visual Arts Facilitators, Ana and Kasey, had a less directed shopping day than usual and it led to a load of cool materials. They found several monitors for their part-time teaching artists staff because the old ones were quite “outdated.” After asking what was the best item from the day they pointed out these rather exquisite fabrics and bright trim. Good find ladies!

Ana with her favorite item from MFTA.

Look at those fabrics!

They were particularly happy with the find because of the Summer Urban Arts Institute’s upcoming production. The Urban Arts Institute students will perform a workshop production of playwright Ben Snyder’s “Shoe Story,” “…an urban fairy tale about love, loss, and the metaphysical significance of a fresh pair of kicks.”  Featured shopper Kasey Schweikert is the talented set designer for this production.

The Urban Arts Institute presents “Shoe Story” at 6pm, Friday, August 12 at El Puente 211 South 4th Street (corner of Roebling St.), Brooklyn, NY
For more info: arts@elpuente.us or the event’s Facebook page.

El Puente’s Summer Urban Arts Institute is actually quite the catch and I’m glad to have gotten insight on it. It’s a 5-week intensive program that focuses on street arts including bboy/bgirl, street jazz, aerosol arts/graffiti, spoken word, and a master class in business of the arts (the “ins” and “outs” of professional arts in NYC) taught by two-time Tony Nominee, Robin de Jesús.

One of the program’s bboy/bgirl groups, No Control, actually won the Nike Step It Up competition!! Check out their performance from the Finals.

No Control, El Puente's Step It Up champions!

Last week’s featured shoppers really got me excited for how proactive our recipients are and how MFTA contributes to these amazing causes. Thanks for the chat ladies!

For more information about El Puente and the Summer Arts Urban Institute check out their Facebook or their website.

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