Elegant wares from MFTA

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Friends of Maple Grove sent pictures of a lovely event they sponsored in conjunction with another recipient, Richmond Hill Historical Society. The event was the Richmond Hill Victorian Tea Party at Maple Grove. The silver-plated tea sets, bird cages, doves, the silk flowers used for crafting the napkin rings, and some platters and serving trays were all taken directly from the warehouse. Though not pictured here, Friends of Maple Grove were also able to find a set of tea cups and saucers this past Tuesday that will be used at their next Tea Party. With the delicious-looking tea and crumpets, perhaps our own Boxing Bobby will be in attendance next time.

We love seeing the ways our recipients use the items found in the warehouse. If you have your own pictures of past or upcoming events, please email me so I can share your work with the rest of the MFTA community.

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