Awesome work from MIX NYC

Long-time recipient MIX NYC sent in some pictures of a different variety than the elegant tea party. Using “string, trim, fabric, and other stuff from the warehouse,” they created a dazzling interior display. It is intricate, dark, and amazing:

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The juxtaposition of the different moods, settings, materials, and context of this design and the tea party really demonstrates the vast array of programming we are able to support. It also demonstrates what makes this place so special.

UPDATED: I had asked Stephen from MIX about his method, and he got back to me with the following: 

We began gathering the trim from [MFTA] in the summer, and I would look for it on every trip. Diego Montoya had conceived the idea earlier in the year, but I didn’t understand the scope of his vision until we were in the venue.

We began working on the practical designs in October 2010, in our work studio, trying to figure out how to build the frames, and how best to attach the string, etc. We also got the black fabric and a lot of batting and Styrofoam peanuts from [MFTA]. This was used to make the black cones you see. The semi-circular seating area came from [MFTA] and we reupholstered it. The cones were sewn by a team of people, mostly 2 but sometimes 3 or more, depending. Jeremy Gender and Andre Azevedo did most of the logistics of the parabola frames. Diego chose the color schemes and worked mainly with Bizzy, although they then taught others how to do the stringing. Most were strung at the studio and then trucked to the venue, where installation took place over 7 days. Setting up the space, installing, working on lighting and putting colored tape on the walls and floors, etc. involved a team of over over 20 people.

I guess I should also mention that this was the venue design for the 23rd MIX Festival (aka the NY Queer Experimental Film Festival),  held Nov 9-14, 2010. We presented a week of screenings and installations, and this was how we created what Diego called a “big hug” and made the space our own immersive environment for our audiences.

I’m looking forward to see what they put together for this year’s festival, which takes place this November 9th through the 14th. You can view the schedule here.

[All photos are credited to Nicholas Bullock.]

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