Featured Shoppers: Only Make Believe

Last week’s featured shoppers are Melissa and Stacy from Only Make Believe.

This week's featured shoppers from Only Make Believe, Stacy and Melissa, just getting started.

This recipient group hosts interactive theatre performances for chronically-ill children in hospitals around the boroughs. Professional actors perform original plays for kids and lift their spirits through art. This year they have visited up to 50 hospitals! Last Thursday, the first-timer Stacy, and the 2-year MFTA shopper Melissa looked for materials for their upcoming performance Sherlock in Wonderland (an adaptation of Sherlock Holmes and Alice in Wonderland). They were looking for materials with which to make a banner that will read “Wonderland” that will be hung up in the hospital in order to set the mood. 

Assortment of trim soon used for the "Wonderland" banner.

They found “fun and funky” trim that could be used for that banner and “bright and whimsical” colors that would lighten up the environment. At Only Make Believe a number of volunteers hand-stitch the banner and the costumes for the kids. As appreciation for their volunteers, they host January Volunteer Recognition Event, for which they found another especially good find– really cool picture frames to make their awards. How awesome!

Stacy with the picture frames.

Melissa informed me that Only Make Believe relies on MFTA for about 80% of the fabric and miscellaneous  items that they use for these performances! YAY! It was really good running into these shoppers who shed some light on how, once again, not only their organization but MFTA as well are part of such an important cause – making kids feel good when they need it most. Thanks for chatting with me girls. We hope to see you back at MFTA soon! If you want more information about this week’s featured shoppers and you want to follow their movement, join their mailing list.

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One Response to Featured Shoppers: Only Make Believe

  1. Anna Hayman says:

    Love these shoppers – great that MFTA is doing something to help the arts, children in hospitals AND keeping all that fabulous trim out of landfills!

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