Macy’s interns at the warehouse

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Some of you may have noticed that there was no shopping this past Tuesday. This is because interns at Macy’s came in through a program called Partners in Time. Our volunteers spent their day of service sweeping out the warehouse from end to end; disinfecting doors and other commonly handled surfaces; folding fabric; consolidating inventory and reorganizing shelves to create space for more donations; sorting and shelving trim and notion, craft items, office supplies, frames, hardware, and paint cans; folding and shelving more fabric; restocking the paper room; sorting books; and rearranging our inventory of chairs. They also helped us make the packing materials used to ship many of these donations available for reuse. They repurposed Styrofoam blocks from donors to be used for teachers to take for art projects, and sorted usable bags and boxes for the recipients to use for shopping. What’s more, they even re-stacked the boxes to make them more presentable and accessible.

We really appreciated all of their help, and we hope to have them back soon!

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