DIY for adults


The other day we talked about some fun reuse projects for kids. While that is absolutely awesome, today we’re going to discuss some reuse projects for the adults. It is not a secret that we at MFTA enjoy our wine. For our readers old enough to enjoy wine, or those crafty enough to obtain bottles from those who are, here are a few links with great ideas for reusing those bottles. Here in the US “recycling” means melting glass bottles down then making new ones. This is definitely a great alternative to throwing the bottles into a landfill, but reusing them is even better!

1. With a few bottles, clay, and some paint, you can make some neat vases and centerpieces[via Daily Danny]
2. Try out some wine and beer bottle bookshelves, clocks, chandeliers, and chairs [via DIY Inspired]
3. Make some beautiful wine torches, lights, and vases [via WedLoft]
4. And if you’re feeling ambitious, all the mentions of weddings in these links reminded me of this awesome wedding dress made from a parachute [via Laughing Squid]

Now you can have as much fun with the bottles empty as you had when they were being consumed. Art and wine go together because of gallery openings, but perhaps they should also go together for the vast number of ways the bottles can be incorporated into art itself.

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