Trippy tigers

The costumes for "Dr. Apple's Last Lecture" were inspired by these tiger masks, found at the MFTA warehouse (Image: Carly Hoogendyk)

On a recent visit to the warehouse, Carly Hoogendyk shared how her group, MFTA recipient Hole in the Sky Productions, used FREE tiger masks from MFTA in their latest production. This description of the play is taken from Hole in the Sky’s website:

How can you FREE your mind without LOSING IT?

This is the question explored in the newest HITS production, a hour-long action-comedy inspired by the lives of Timothy Leary (Harvard professor turned LSD High Priest) and Jill Bolte Taylor (the neuroanatomist who gained insight into her mind by analyzing the effects of a stroke from inside of one). Watch as Dr. Apple’s introductory neuroscience lecture and life are both raucously interrupted by the oh-so-inconvenient loss of his mind.

You never know how an item from MFTA will fit into your creative exploits. Please share your stories with Kevin.

Hole in the Sky Productions presents “Dr. Apple’s Last Lecture” in New York at 59E59 Theaters, located at 59 East 59 Street.

Sunday, July 24 at 7 pm

Thursday, July 28 at 9 pm

Saturday, July 30 at 9 pm

Sunday, July 31 at 7 pm

For tickets click here and for more information on Hole in the Sky Productions, please visit their website.

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