Hunting for PAPER in the warehouse

As seasoned shoppers know, paper is a prized item in the MFTA warehouse. This morning participants in our P credit course, “Paper: From Pulp to Fiction” went on a scavenger hunt in the warehouse to explore what different types of paper MFTA has to offer.

The P credit participants used plastic slide containers from the warehouse and cut samples during their scavenger hunt this morning.

We have a great turnout for this week’s class and I’ll be posting their projects, ideas and anecdotes–as well as paper art from MFTA recipients across the city–throughout the week.

"Illustrated Papyrus" (Egyptian, early Ptolemaic period, ca. 4th-3rd century BCE) Pigment on papyrus. Brooklyn Museum. On view in the Rubin Gallery on the 3rd floor of the museum.

Today’s paper art comes from MFTA recipient, Brooklyn Museum. The artist’s illustration on the papyrus above was not quite up to the Brooklyn curators’ standards; the museum’s website says this about the papyrus:

Because papyrus was a costly material, it was normally reserved for important documents such as administrative records and funerary literature. For the same reason, talented artists usually drew the illustrations. This crudely drawn parade of important Egyptian deities is therefore quite surprising.

TEACHERS: Do you want to link art-making and teaching the Common Core in your classroom? MFTA will show you how! There’s still time to enroll in a course for P credit at MFTA: “Raw Fibers: The Art of Fabric” starts on July 25. Find more information on P credit courses at MFTA here.

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