Calling all artists: Join “Sneak Peak” this year at Freshkills Park

Photo credit: Freshkills Park blog

One of our recipients and fellow City agency, Freshkills Park, is looking for artists to participate in their second “Sneak Peak” event this October. Last year’s event was the first public event ever to be held at the park, and it was such a success that they are organizing another one this year with more land, more artists, and more fun. The event is “essentially a one-day festival with kite-making and -flying, canoeing, walking and biking, workshops, vendors and giveaways, all to show off the Freshkills Park site and its potential as parkland” according to Raj Kottamasu, the Arts Program Manager for Freshkills Park. You can read about last year’s event on their blog.

As Freshkills was transformed from the world’s largest landfill into a beautiful park that will expand to 2,200 acres over the next decades, it stands as a symbol of reuse and how we can literally take trash and turn it into something important and beautiful. It’s for this reason that Raj has reached out to us and our constituents. If anyone has experience turning almost-discarded materials into beautiful creations, it is MFTA recipients. He is “very interested in populating [the] spaces with artworks—or artists actively making artworks or involving guests in making collective artworks—that relate to reuse, waste management and sustainability.”

If you or anyone you know is interested in participating in this event, please contact Raj directly. His contact information is below:

Raj Kottamasu
Freshkills Park, NYC Department of Parks & Recreation
Arts Program & Grants Manager
51 Chambers Street, Room 100
New York, NY 10007

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