TEACHERS: *Paper: From Pulp to Fiction* a NEW P credit course starts MONDAY

Learn to make art from stuff you're throwing away with MFTA's P credit courses. This paper is made from scraps from the recycling bin!

TEACHERS: There’s still time to sign up for “PAPER: From Pulp to Fiction,” a week-long course offered for P credit at Materials for the Arts. The course starts Monday, July 18, at 9:30 am. As with all of our P credit courses, “Paper” focuses on linking the Common Core Standards and making art.

A view from the classroom studios: Master Teaching Artist Joy Suarez demonstrates a paper making technique that transforms your scrap paper into artwork.

The course is HANDS-ON: Art projects covered during the week include paper making, pen and ink, block prints, stenciling, silkscreen and collage–all made with materials you’re throwing away or the FREE materials available to all registered DOE schools in the MFTA warehouse. Participants will tap into their own creativity to make prototypes for their classrooms and learn how both like-minded colleagues and our master teaching artists have linked these art projects to the Common Core.


MFTA will offer two P credit courses during July. “Paper: From Pulp to Fiction” starts on Monday, July 18 and “Raw Fibers: The Art of Fabric” starts on July 25. Find more information on P credit courses at MFTA here.

Paper recycling in NYC video via Fresh Kills Park Blog, Everyday Trash.com, GrowNYC

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