Featured Shoppers: St. Ann’s Warehouse, Swimming Cities & Solar One

Hello all! My name’s Katarah DaSilva and I am the newest addition to MFTA (besides the donations). Thanks to an organization called Prep for Prep, I will be interning here for eight weeks. I recently graduated from Saint Ann’s School, located in Brooklyn Heights, and this fall I will be attending Brown University in Providence, RI. I’d like to consider myself an “undecided artist,” seeing as though I try to tackle many fields within “ART.”

This week (my first), as always, a number of interesting people entered the MFTA warehouse, eager to shop for whatever it is their hearts desire – each organization working towards different goals, yet somehow all with the intention to create and enlighten. Fortunately, I got a chance to chat with a few of the shoppers and was not only interested but impressed with their projects (and personalities!).

St. Ann’s Warehouse > “St. Ann’s Warehouse has commissioned, produced, and presented a unique and eclectic body of innovative theatre and concert presentations that meet at the intersection of theatre and rock and roll.”

MFTA: What are you guys looking for today?

Kristyn Smith & Heather Sparling: Materials for a celebratory event nextTuesday. We’re looking for decorations, props… anything that works.

MFTA: What’s the best thing you’ve found today?

KM & HS: This awesome chandelier! It has multi-shaped lightbulbs and… it’s just really cool. (Sadly, the chandelier is already boxed in the photo below.)

Kristyn and Heather pose with their found materials.

Swimming Cities > ” A diverse and evolving collaboration of artists, builders, and visionaries who come together each year to embark on a challenging large-scale project.”

MFTA: Hey! I took a look at the materials you found — what exactly are you going to do with them?

Angie Wang & Orien McNeil: We are working on a boating event. We’re building a raft… there will be some jousting… and a BBQ boat! (how could I not want to know more!?!)

MFTA: Wait, what organization are you from? and what exactly do you guys do?

AW & OM: We’re from Swimming Cities and we build really intense boats and challenge ourselves each year with a new ambitious project.

MFTA: That’s awesome! How long have you been shopping here?

AW & OM: Not long–about six months.

MFTA: What’s the best item you found today? (they both immediately call out they’re favorite item in disagreement but appreciation)

AW: This really awesome rope with steel inside.

OM: No… This amazing fabric that can’t be described with less than 100 words.

MFTA: I think they’re both pretty cool.

Angie and Orien smile with their favorite found materials of the day.Solar OneDina, Fatima, and Jessica. SMILE!

Solar One > “The City’s first solar-powered “Green Energy, Arts, and Education Center,” inspires New Yorkers to become environmentally responsible city dwellers.”

MFTA: What organization are you all from? And what are you going to do with the materials you hope to find today?

Dina Elkan: Solar One and today we are looking for materials for an upcoming event, Family Day where we do eco-friendly art with kids and their families.

MFTA: That sounds really amazing. How will you do this eco-art?

Fatima (Dina’s employee): Well, for example, we’ll make tie-die bandanas out of mulberries and plants from our garden and fabric from MFTA!

MFTA: Seems really fun. What’s the best thing you found so far?

DE: This orange satiny fabric. It’s quite beautiful.

Dina Elkan , the Events and Marketing Coordinator, shops with two of her employees, Jessica and Fatima.

Dina, Fatima, and Jessica. SMILE!

As I said before, it was a very exciting and varied group of people in the warehouse this week and I had a blast getting to know the plethora of missions that would soon be complete with MFTA’s help.

Shopping at MFTA is by appointment only and open exclusively to registered MFTA members.

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