ROAR! How NYC teachers make learning engaging

A teacher has transformed zippers and scrap leather to make this striking mask.

We’re at the midway point of our first July P credit course, “Creative Infusion,” and I’m amazed by each one of the creations that have come out of the studio classrooms. The teachers participating in this course are filled with ideas for integrating art-making and teaching the Common Core Standards–and they are testing these ideas using free materials from MFTA, which are available to all registered NYC Department of Education schools.

Art and math: Are students drawn to more visually stimulating learning tools? YES! These chips--made from MFTA materials--beat flashcards any day.

Are you interested in bringing art-making into your classroom? Make it happen with MFTA: We’re offering two more P credit classes during July and there’s still time to sign up! “Paper: From Pulp to Fiction” starts on Monday, July 18 and “Raw Fibers: The Art of Fabric” starts on July 25. Find more information on P credit courses at MFTA here.

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