A delicate balance

"Mobile" (2011) by Sarah Strong. Buttons, beads sticks, and wire. Ms. Strong is a teacher at NYCDOE PS 15 Roberto Clemente, Manhattan.

The image above is a prototype for a game designed to teach children balance. The base of the game falls over unless all the twirly wire/button game pieces are placed to make it balance. This game was developed during the mobiles session of Creative Infusion, and kind of looks like an inverted mobile.

One of the cool things about Creative Infusion so far has been seeing so many beautiful projects created and then hearing from educators in the field how they can tie these projects–and making art–into their teaching.

Look forward to more posts featuring teachers’ projects from our P credit classes!

The game is pretty engaging. Before the day was over at least three adults had played it!

It’s not too late to sign up for one of our P credit courses-”Paper: From Pulp to Fiction” starts on Monday, July 18 and “Raw Fibers: The Art of Fabric” starts on July 25. Find more information on P credit courses at MFTA here.

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