Be part of art while you shop at MFTA this week

We have a surprise for our shoppers this week! Tom Watson of Flux Factory is currently setting up his first installation in a series of three right at the Materials for the Arts warehouse. Aside from here, one installation will take place in a public space, and the other in an office. Tom has this to say about the piece:

The piece is an experiment in casual making in a small cross-section of NYC. I’m interested in the possibility that the nature of how a space is organised could affect the form that coalesces. But generally I’m interested in seeing what happens, so I don’t have too many expectations.

Mysterious. Don’t worry, though: the whole process should take about five minutes to complete, and it should be fun. And it involves gum. I’ll let you think about what it could possibly be.

Our appointments for tomorrow are all booked, but we still have shopping appointments for this Thursday, which recipients can sign up for right here. We’ll be sure to track the progress of the installation all week.

If you are an artist interested in organizing an installation or teaching a class at Materials for the Arts, please contact John Cloud Kaiser, Director of Education, at

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