MAKE IT! And teach the Common Core Standards

MFTA’s July P credit courses teach methods to integrate art-making and the Common Core Standards across all subjects. This summer we’re offering three week-long courses during the month of July.

A game from reused materials takes shape during Creative Infusion. Even participants who haven't enjoyed making art before come to love the workshop sessions each day! (Image: Barbara Korein)

It’s not too late to sign up for our first course, which starts next Monday: “Creative Infusion” is an introduction to the ‘Art of Reuse.’ Participants in this course will learn to make games, puppets, costumes, theater sets and mosaics–all from items they are probably throwing away. We are teaching inexpensive and often free ways to engage your students through art-making. You’ll have a blast and earn P credits in the process.

Making literacy fun--and FREE for the teacher--using materials from the recycling bin and tiles from the MFTA warehouse. (Image: Barbara Korein)

Click here for more information on earning P credits with Materials for the Arts this July. We offer three, week-long courses: “Creative Infusion,” “Raw Fibers” and “Paper.” While these courses are designed for teachers, they are open to anyone interested in creative reuse and making art; follow the link above and look for information on auditing a course as a non-credit participant.

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