Metamorphosis: Zippers to butterflies

Zippers from MFTA donor, Marc Jacobs

Ms. Gold, the art teacher at PS 38 in Staten Island, shared how her students used zippers from MFTA. After learning about metamorphosis in science class, students visited the art room to try their hand at creating their own caterpillars that transformed into butterflies. Zippers, donated to MFTA by Marc Jacobs, were critical to the metamorphosis and allowed the students’ creations to become caterpillars, butterflies and hats too!

Butterflies made from MFTA materials by students at PS 38, Staten Island (Image: Adene Gold)

Marc Jacobs donated a ton (12 cases) of zippers to us, how are you using them? Let us know, email your pictures and stories to the Education Center.

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