Friends of Maple Grove says a few kind words

Carl Ballenas, the Chair of Special Events at Friends of Maple Grove, sent in a few kind words about MFTA:

We are a very active organization and have had many events and planning for many more and we would be at a great loss if we did not have the MFTA to help alleviate some of our costs. MFTA has indeed been a blessing for our organization.

The Spirit of Mama Doe - this costume was made from MFTA fabric

The organization believes a cemetery can have a dual purpose; celebrating and honoring those who came before us and paying tribute to life. They do so in a number of ways and through a wide range of events. One such event is the annual Spirits Alive event, where many of the costumes and props came from MFTA. Check out the video below:

The next Spirits Alive will be held on October 15th from 2PM to 4PM so be sure to see it! Past events include a Halloween Festival, Astronomy Day, and Summer Science Workshops. Coming up this weekend on June 12 from 2PM to 4PM is Victorian Tea.  It is a new event to honor the great Victorian Ladies of Maple with an old-fashioned tea party that is sponsored with the Richmond Hill Historical Society.

The cemetery is located in Kew Gardens, Queens. For a complete calendar of events from the Friends of Maple Grove, please click here.

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