Call the exterminator!

The MFTA studio classrooms were infested with bugs and other creatures this morning.

Second grade students from Brooklyn made these "glove" bugs this morning on a group visit to MFTA.

The bugs and other creatures emerged from the imaginations of a fantastic group of students from Brooklyn, who visited MFTA this morning. We like to say our classrooms are a mini-MFTA: They are filled with the kinds of materials our recipients can find in the warehouse. For this project students transformed gloves, scraps of fabric and sequins to make puppets of all kinds.

Want to check out some more “bug” art? MFTA recipient and donor, Brooklyn Museum (open until 10 pm on Thursdays and Fridays!)  has some stunning examples from ancient Egypt. The example below (faience, ca. 712-342 B.C.E.) is on view in the Rubin Gallery on the third floor of the museum.

"Scarab with Separate Wings" ca. 712-342 B.C.E. Faience, glazed. Brooklyn Museum

The image above is licensed by a Creative Commons-BY-NCgeneric license. You may download and use Brooklyn Museum images of this three-dimensional work in accordance with the Creative Commons license. Fair use, as understood under the United States Copyright Act, may also apply.

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