Art of Reuse: Arthur Dove’s “The Critic”

Detail from "The Critic" (1925) by Arthur Dove. Collaged paper, newspaper, fabric, cord, glass, pencil, and watercolor on board. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

This detail (left) is from Arthur Dove’s 1925 collage, The Critic, in the collection of MFTA recipient and donor Whitney Museum of American Art. From newspaper clippings of auction advertisements, art reviews and exhibition announcements, Dove has fashioned a figure in a red top hat, wearing roller skates and holding a vacuum cleaner as his cane.

MFTA materials lend themselves to working in collage, in fact, a group of third grade students on a group visit are in our studios using collage to make puppets this morning.

Students use collage: Puppets like these were made this morning on a group visit to Materials for the Arts.

Our studios are not just open to students. Teachers, educators and others who are enthusiastic about making art by reusing materials can get their fix of MFTA studio time by signing up for a program at the Education Center. Upcoming programs are “Artistic Reuse to the (Common) Core,” a workshop for the city-wide PD day on June 9 and our week-long summer institutes (teachers can earn P credits for these institutes), which run in July.

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