Get inspired this July with P credit courses at MFTA

Work in progress: a leopard from Materials for the Arts by Julia Livi

Teachers and anyone interested in art, education or the environment, check out P credit courses at Materials for the Arts this July. These multi-session courses teach how to integrate art-making and teaching, no matter what the subject. Participants have ample studio time to develop their own projects during the sessions and leave with fresh ideas to inspire their students. Check out what a teacher in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and past participant in P credit courses at MFTA has to say:

I am taking [an incredible class] at Materials of the Arts. It is about the history and the art of fibers. We study fabric from the thread to the print… We’ve learned how to spin and dye our own thread (I’m one step closer to being a spinster, haha) to making various looms… It is heavenly to be a student again. To study the history and skills of art. The most wonderful aspect of it is, even with our studio time, everything we learn can be applied in the classroom. It is so inspiring to be in a room full of educators who want to play with threads, yarn and fabric!

To anyone who is looking for a class to take for credit or for fun, go to Materials for the Arts. Joy knows her craft and many others but it’s not for the instruction (which is fantastic) but for the energy, the motivation, the inspiration… It’s kind of like yoga, Joy brings meditation and cleansing to art, craft and teaching.

-Julia Livi, blogging about her MFTA P credit course, Raw Fibers, via From the Same Cloth

Materials for the Arts is pleased to offer three classes for “P” In-service credit this July: “Creative Infusion: The Art of Reuse,” “Raw Fibers: The Art of Fabric,” and “Paper: From Pulp to Fiction.” Click here for more information. Registration for P credit opens after 4 pm on May 31, visit the NYC DOE After School Professional Development Program online.

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