Get Creative: City-wide PD day at Materials for the Arts

Join us June 9, 2011 for “Artistic Reuse to the (Common) Core” a PD workshop for the Chancellor’s Conference Day for staff development. Participants will learn lots of free or low-cost art projects that get students involved in learning. The June 9 workshop is particularly focused on integrating art-making and the Common Core standards.

A high school science teacher and two art teachers developed this game to teach students about the circulatory system. (Photo by Joy Suarez)

This game (above) was conceived during an MFTA workshop:

This is a game about the body and how it functions using the subway map to represent viens/artieries etc.  The cards around the board have questions that students roll dice and land on to answer-each student get a blank image of a body-as they answer questions correctly they add in the body parts-whoever fills up the body first is the winner!!

Artistic Reuse to the (Common) Core,” 9:30 am – 3:30 pm, June 9, 2011, a PD workshop for the Chancellor’s Conference Day meets at Materials for the Arts. For more information or to sign up, click here or call 718-729-2165.

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