Featured Reuse Artist: Saul Cervantes – Giant CD Fish

For the past semester MFTA has been lucky enough to be joined by intern Saul Cervantes from The Bronx Guild High School. Among the many things he has been working on during his internship, Saul has diligently created a sculptural installation of a giant fish made entirely of CDs. Here he describes the project in his own words:

“The reason I created this CD fish sculpture installation is because this was a basic way to show how to reuse things around an average house to make an art piece. I’m a student from The Bronx Guild working as an intern at Materials for the Arts.  This project was assigned to me by Joel the Director of Operations. With John Kaiser supervising the project I worked on it for a month every Monday and Thursday, for a couple of hours each day. The more that I worked on it the easier it became with exception of the head and the fin of the fish. For the head and the fin I had to study real fish in other to find details that will distinguish it from CDs stacked on top of each other and a CD fish. Finally I buffered out the rough spots and the installation was complete. So now as people come in through the MFTA entrance they will get an idea of what you can do with reusable items. “

Here is a photo of the final project. Make sure you make a visit to our warehouse to check out his installation.

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