Upcycling art roundup

Alicia Beck's upcycled chandeliers.

There was a post yesterday on upcycling clothing, so now it’s time we talk about some other upcycled materials. Last week Treehugger ran a few articles about upcycling trashplexiglass, and wood scraps. DesignSponge posted an article on a DIY coat rack made out of old trophies. And earlier this week, DIYLife discussed how one artist is turning casette tapes into chandeliers.

I think my favorite aspect of upcycling, aside from the positive creative and environmental impacts, is that it isn’t confined to just one group of people. It is great for creative types and folks trying to live more “green,” just as it is great for those looking to save money, those who are fashion-forward, and anyone looking to make something personal and unique. Don’t feel overwhelmed by any of the DIY projects; if someone else made them, you can too!

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