Upcycling Fashion

Here are some upcycling ideas to transform your wardrobe.  You should aways try to re-purpose an item of clothing instead of recycling it or throwing it out. If you absolutely can’t wear it anymore, then how about cutting it up and making a project out of the scrap fabric?

Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings transforms a top into a comfy dress.

Justine from Sew Country Chic  shows how to use a men’s shirt and reform it into a stylish tunic.

Maiden Jane has a tutorial on how to make an apron out of an old dress.

If you’re intimated by the sewing machine, make an upcycled T-shirt necklace. It’s very simple and takes minutes to create.

Send us pictures of your upcycled fashion and we’ll post it on our blog 🙂

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7 Responses to Upcycling Fashion

  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks so so much for the feature!!

  2. Hi S
    thanks for linking my post here! This looks like an interesting blog here and i’ll have to spend some time checking it out!

  3. marissa says:

    thanks for featuring my dress tutorial!

  4. Jane says:

    Thanks for sharing my apron tutorial! I will explore your site and share!

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  7. We’re just about to launch our own take on sustainable fashion, called Cupboard Love, at the V Festival’s Louder Lounge.
    Cupboard Love is a three part promise to our clothes “wear me, share me, set me free” than can help make everyone’s fashion choices more sustainable. At the Louder Lounge, we’re building a giant wardrobe that we’re filling with pre-loved clothing, vintage garments, accessories and shoes and we’ve even been lucky enough to get our hands on some celebrity items, too. The idea is that guests can try on some cool vintage looks, get some styling advice and make the Cupboard Love pact to their clothes. And if they bring something they love but no longer wear, they can even take something from the wardrobe to keep.

    You can find out more about Cupboard Love here http://cupboardlove.org and get a sneak preview of what’s in our giant wardrobe here http://www.facebook.com/CupboardLoveOrg
    Follow us on Twitter: @Cupboard__Love

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