30 Tage 30 Dinge (30 Days 30 Things)

MFTA recipients and individual upcyclers alike, please check out this awesome project started by two students at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Their blog is titled 30 Days 30 Things, and the premise is that each day they post an item that has been upcycled. My favorites so far:

Can bracelets

Bottle cap cabinet handles

And incredibly practical plastic bike bike coats.

Not only does the blog provide wonderful inspiration, but the authors are taking submissions here, so send in your own creative reuse creations. For every extra post, the blog will continue one day longer. Let’s make a lot more Dinge and keep the blog going!

While we’re talking about submissions, remember that we here at MFTA are very happy to highlight creations, events, and other happenings of our recipient organizations. If you would like to submit a post or an item, please email Kevin Stirnweis at kstirnweis@mfta.nyc.gov, or contact us via twitter. [MAKE]

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