Recipient Spotlight: The Young Journey Foundation, King Manor Museum and Midwood High School

Yesterday’s warehouse shopping brought 63 New York City non-profits, city agencies and public schools to the MFTA for free materials. While working the check-out line I learned some of the awesome things MFTA recipients do with the materials they obtain.

The Young Journey Foundation uses the arts to nurture New York City’s youth; their programs encourage engagement in school work and reduce the incidence of violence and substance abuse in the communities they serve. Check out Young Journey’s YouTube channel for some of their music videos and performances. The foundation’s cart (left) includes stars and golden sticks which will be used as prop items for their upcoming production of Grease.


Midwood High School in Brooklyn scored great materials for their production of Guys and Dolls May 26 and 27. The art teacher from Midwood is using cardboard tubes from MFTA to construct the sewer scene’s set for the show. The Midwood art room also gains two drying racks from MFTA, which will replace the racks the teacher (cleverly) designed from chain link fence.

King Manor Museum is a house museum in Queens dedicated to preserving and interpreting the legacy of Rufus King. King, born in 1755, was a framer and signer of the US Constitution, a US senator from Massachusetts, an ambassador to Great Britain and an early figure in the anti-slavery movement. Their cart is filled office supplies: binders and my favorite MFTA item, hanging file folders.

Interested in obtaining items like these for your New York City non-profit? Check to see if you qualify here. Remember shopping at MFTA is by appointment only and open only to registered recipient organizations.

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