Recipient Spotlight: News from an MFTA Residency at a School in Brooklyn

Students from a school in Brooklyn made books, collages and their own album covers during a three week in-school residency program with Materials for the Arts.

Samples of student work

Each week selected students worked with Joy Suarez, MFTA’s master teaching artist, to make art projects highlighting themes from their classroom curriculum. Students then took their art projects back into the classroom setting for reference or inspiration.

The books (left) students created were based on works of historical fiction, realistic fiction and autobiographies they had worked with in the classroom. After learning three different ways to construct a book, students choose one method to use in their final piece. MFTA provided books and magazines filled with images relating to the topics students were researching. Below we have posed photos of the students at work. More photos

A student at work on his book

A finished book

Images from MFTA collaged by a student during the residency

A student presents his book

Click here for more information on MFTA residency programs.

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