A day of classes at Materials for the Arts!

You are invited to come tomorrow, March 24, 2011, to a workshop at MFTA, showcasing the techniques of artists Debbie Slavitt and Jane Broaddus. In the morning class (12:30-3:00), All-In-One Quilt Block, participants will learn how to piece together and quilt a block using simple hand-sewing stitches. Participants will also learn how to join these blocks together, creating a quilt of any desired size.

In the evening class (5-7), Hyperbolic Crochet Jewelry, learn how to make jewelry based on Cornell University mathematician Daina Taimina’s work, who used her crochet skills to create the first usable hyperbolic plane model centuries after it was discovered. Her pattern makes attractive convoluted forms–the most famous being “the crochet coral reefs.”In this workshop we will adapt her simple pattern to make bracelets and necklaces using two simple stitches–the chain and single crochet. No prior experience with crochet necessary.

All are invited and encouraged to attend! Our workshops cost $18 per person, and if you sign up for three classes, you get a fourth class free.

The schedule for other upcoming MFTA workshops and classes can be found here:

April 5: Assembly Art: Costumes, Stage, Design, and Advertising

April 7: Earth Day Art

May 10: Summer Program Art Ideas

May 15: Year End Performance: Costumes, Stage, Design, and Advertising

These classes are informative, helpful, and most importantly, fun. Hope to see you there!

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